8-frame Equipment

8-frame Equipment
BC Bee Supply is proud to now carry a selection of "8 frame equipment".
Are you considering moving to a lighter and easier-to-manage brood box or honey super?
While most hive bodies are built to hold ten frames, an eight-frame box can give you the advantage of being lighter to lift when inspecting the bees or harvesting honey. The bees themselves might also prefer a smaller space to manage and be encouraged to draw out wax a bit quicker.
For those backyard beekeepers who would prefer a slimmer version of the standard, deep Langstroth 10-frame boxes, we now stock a supply of:
*  8-frame screened bottom boards
*  8-frame door reducers
*  8-frame inner covers
*  8-frame outer covers
These items are competitively priced, made locally and are suitable for deep frames. Click here to see the full wooden set of 8 frame equipment!
Other equipment to consider:
"Mediums" - medium-depth boxes that are approximately 6" in height (compared to the 9" deep standard)
These are sometimes called "dadant" or "shallows".
"Top Bar" - non-standard bars hold frames of comb horizontally.
A slightly different style of honeybee management but makes honey extraction a challenge.
"Polystyrene Hives" - beat cold weather and gravity with lightweight, well-insulated foam hives.
Complete sets include 2 deeps, screened bottom board, cover and screens made from 2" rigid polystyrene.
Please contact BC Bee Supply today to check in-store availability or if quantity is desired, a custom order may be placed.

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