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Queen Rearing Complete Kit

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Queen Rearing Kit

This queen rearing kit allows you to make your own queens without grafting or touching larvae. All the pieces in the set are reusable with the exception of the cell cups.

1 Cell Grid
110 Brown Cell Cups
10 Hair Roller Cages
10 Brown Cell Fixtures
10 Yellow Cell Cup Holders
10 Candy Cup/Closure

How to Use:
To use this method, insert brown cell cups into the cassette and place cassette into a frame in one of your occupied hives. Then place your queen inside the cassette. She will only be able to lay eggs into the cell cups you've provided, making grafting unnecessary. When you release the queen - make sure you know the timeline for queen egg and larvae development! - you will have larvae of the precise age for queen rearing.

This is only an overview of the method. 


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