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Honeybee - Queen Bee 2024

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Mated queen bees available in Spring and Summer 2024

Note: This is a Reservation Deposit for QUEEN BEEs.

For a limited time, BC Bee Supply is offering RESERVATIONS for "Mated Queens" for only $62 each. (If there is a price difference, it will be collected at the time of pick up or delivery.)

Use mated queens for many reasons:
- improve the performance of your beehive
- split your colony into two
- inject new genes into your bees

and do much more with these imported or local queen bees!

- Due to strong interest and limited supply of live bees in Spring, a "WAIT LIST" and a "RESERVED LIST" has been generated.

- Click here to be placed on the WAIT LIST. We will contact you as soon as we have dates, prices and quantities to announce.

- This Product is for a RESERVATION DEPOSIT only.
- For each deposit placed, either a local or imported queen bee will be reserved in your name.
- Queen Bees come in small, breathable containers that contain live bees, a mated queen, 0-3 attending bees and some limited food.
- Once an approximate date and price has been determined for live bee products, you will be contacted to complete the payment for the reservation, at which time the purchase becomes NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-CANCELLABLE, NON-TRANSFERRABLE but you will be able to count on getting queens throughout the Spring and Summer 2023.
- While we do ship live, healthy bees regularly, we cannot guarantee their
survival regardless of courier or carrier. All costs and risks are borne by the purchaser. BC Bee Supply provides NO GUARANTEE with honeybee livestock.

Additional Notes:
- Queen Bees are not recommended to be used on their own to start a colony.
- Introducing a Queen Bee to an existing colony is not a guarantee that the new queen bee will be accepted, will start laying eggs nor escape the cage it is shipped in.   

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