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TempQueen features plastic strips that are infused with pheromones and are used to provide temporary replacement for the queen in queenless hives and nucs. It will keep the colony coherent and will discourage the development of laying workers.

It can also be used in queen mating nucs to increase queen rearing success by helping to maintain higher numbers of workers compared with untreated nucs.

Benefits and uses:
Temporary Queen Replacement – A hive will perform normally for several days with Temp Queen as a temporary queen. Remove the queen or queen cells and place a TempQueen lure in each brood box. When a queen is available, the TempQueen is removed and a new queen introduced.

Improve Queen Rearing Success – TempQueen (simulates an egg laying queen) used in queen mating nuclei in early spring can maintain significantly higher bee numbers than in non-treated nucs. Insert one TempQueen lure in each mating nuclei when it is established or when the queen cell is inserted.

How to use:
- Read and follow directions when using TempQueen.
- Hang one tube of this substance near the top of the inside frames.

Available sizes:
2 pack, 10 pack, 50 pack

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