Honey Days 2022

Thanks for checking out BC Bee Supply's Honey Days!

We've got three different events happening in celebration
of honey and all the joy it brings us:

BC Bee Honey Exchange 2022 -- Nov 26

Get together with other local beekeepers and exchange six of your own honey jars
to receive six different varieties in return! This year's honey exchange is no longer
accepting new applicants, but to find out more about how it works, you can
check out the Honey Exchange details here.

Honey Tasting -- Nov 26 - Dec 10

Our other two events will be running from the day of the Honey Exchange up until December 10th.
First, you can join us for a free in-store honey tasting and try up to 12 different
kinds of honey from BC beekeepers and beyond!

It's easy to get the impression that all honey tastes the same
when you only try different kinds at different times,
but you'd be surprised at just how unique their flavor profiles can be when contrasted.
Come on into the store and see for yourself!

Honey Harvesting Sale -- Nov 26 - Dec 10

During the Honey Harvesting Sale you will find all basic honey harvest
equipment at a minimum of 20% off, and all extractors and honey tanks will be reduced
by 5% as well! These deals will be available both in store and online,
so keep an eye on the Honey Harvest Equipment section.