Gift Baskets, Product Bundles, Beekeeping Combos

BC Bee Supply makes gift giving for the Beekeeper in your Life EASY!

Mug n' Honey

See our Christmas Collection and make your holiday shopping a "grab n' go" season!

Contact BC Bee Supply directly at 236 888 1484 to order a custom package featuring any of the following:

Bee Glasses

Fabulous Glasses with drawn bees

Drinking glasses starting at $30

Honey starting at $6/jar
Bee-imprinted mugs and cups starting at $25

Lovely bee-stamped ornaments

Ceramic pendants $5

Bee Pendants/Necklaces
Beeswax Candles and pottery dishes

Crafty beeswax tealight candles and stylish ceramic dishes

Candles starting at $3
Pottery dishes starting at $10

The essential hive smoker and bee equipment caddy.

Beekeepers Tool Kit $195 (all-inclusive)

Bee Caddy and Smoker
Portable Observation Hive

Cedar Hive Roof

The attractive portable Observation Hive ($350) & the ultra luxurious Cedar Shake Hive Roof ($120)