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Honeybees - "Exclusive" Local Package Colony 2024

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A BC Bee Supply exclusive....the Honeybee "Local Package"
- Canada's FIRST packages of local bees!!

BC Bee Supply is very proud to be offering LOCAL PACKAGES of honeybees that originate in CANADA!

This product purchase is a prepaid reservation for a mated queen and approximately 1-1.5kg of honeybees that was assembled in British Columbia. The "local packages" will be available in late April or early May 2024.

BC Bee Supply is very excited to BEE the first to bring:

LOCALLY PACKAGED honeybees to BC beekeepers! To be clear, this is enough locally-sourced, healthy bees and a mated queen to start a colony deliverable in the best part of Spring! These colonies are extremely limited in quantity and each customer will be limited to ONE EXCLUSIVE LOCAL PACKAGE only (for an extremely limited time - because at this price, these will not last.)

When you place an order online prior to speaking with us we will follow-up with you some time before or in May 2024. 

Pick up date and time will be emailed to you about 1 week in advance.

Let's break down the advantages:
- local BC source of honeybees
- fresh, young bees with mated queen already acclimated to BC weather and time zone
- bees are confined for less than 2 days in cages
- no exposure to seasonal, altitude and transportation changing conditions
- suitable for Langstroth, Top Bar, Warre, Flow or other non-conventional hive styles
- no nuc box deposit required
- introductory pricing - only $250 each - lowest priced packaged bees in Canada

But please be aware that:

- these will be available no sooner than early May
- no frames of drawn comb, beeswax and brood are included

and all buyers are subject to a purchase limit of one colony for 2024.


Purchasing this prepaid reservation will get you a live honey bee colony from BC Bee Supply!


  • While these are local to BC bees, they are not local nucs. The bees may be overwintered stock with a surviving queen or a newly established queen.
  • These bees are certified as healthy livestock but may contain varroa mites.
  • Methods of mite treatment or hive manipulation may vary depending on seasonal weather and timing of colony pick up.
  • Honeybee colonies become the responsibility of the customer once they have been picked up from BC Bee Supply. While we make every effort to provide support, advice, or additional product in the event of reported difficulty, there are many different factors outside of our control which impact the success of these colonies once they have left the pick up point. Therefore, BC Bee Supply cannot and does not guarantee the development, establishment, and realization of a successful colony once the package is picked up.
  • No return, no guarantees on live bees
  • All paid reservations and purchases on live bees (nucs, packages, queens, mason bees) are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-cancellable. 


Shipping option for those customers outside of the Lower Mainland/Metro Vancouver area:

Contact BC Bee Supply directly to arrange shipping of live bees.

Click Here or Call 236 888 1484 or Email Sales@BCBeeSupply.ca

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