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Call them "sugar blocks", "large sugar cubes", "sugar patties" - or just call them innovative! This food provides emergency feed for the bees if they run low on honey. Featuring a dehydrated sugar solution with digestive additives, these sugar blocks prevent starving bees during cold weather. 

Made locally for BC Bee Supply. Used best with either an inner cover, hive top feeder and/or spacer rim (1 1/2" shim).

- emergency energy provided to bees during Winter months
- individually wrapped for easy insertion into hive
- softens from any condensation moisture within the hive
- easy access to immediate food

How to use:
Place sugar blocks on top of inner cover during Winter feeding. Alternatively, a block or two may also be placed directly on frames to give the bees immediate access to sugar.

Sugar blocks may break in transport but will still serve as a suitable dry feed for bees. Excess sugar may be stored at room temperature or in a refrigerator.

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