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These protein substitutes or "pollen patties" can be added to a beehive in order to help with balancing the diet and ensuring adequate nutrition, both for the adult bees and for the brood being fed.

Contains pollen, yeast/soy protein and sugar mixture as a semi-solid rectangle of food for the bees when natural pollen may not be present in the nearby foraging area. These patties are formulated for optimal bee nutrition.

- stimulates brood rearing in late Winter and early Spring
- balanced and tested with special selection of vitamins, minerals and fats
- improve bee health and increase honey crops significantly
- can also be added to hive in Fall to reduce cold weather loss

How to use:
Simply add full or partial patty to top of frames inside hive.
Bees will eat around and through the wax paper.
Extra patties can remain in freezer for storage or later use.

Exact mixture and protein/pollen ratio may vary.

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