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Formic Acid

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Formic Acid

65% Liquid formic acid is a tracheal mite treatment and has been found to be effective against varroa mites as well. There are various application methods and formulations that have been developed with varying effectiveness. Efficacy depends on factors including size and condition of the colony, time of year, humidity, temperature etc. Use Formic Acid pads to absorb liquid and prevent leaking within the hive.

How to use:
- Apply when outside temperatures are between 10-27 degrees Celcius
- Apply 30-45ml (1-1.5 fluid ounces) onto paper towels, newspaper or other carrier
- Place directly on top of frames or close to colony brood
- Apply additional treatments after 4-7 days, as needed
- Monitor mite drops on sticky trays or bottom boards

Notes and Warnings:
Formic Acid treatments may increase risk of queen loss if not used properly or to recommended specifications.

Formic Acid is corrosive and can cause burns. Rubber gloves and safety glasses are highly recommended during use.

Avoid inhalation of vapours of Formic Acid.

Available sizes:
1L, 4L

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