Honey Bottles

Honey Bottles
BC Bee Supply is proud to carry its biggest selection of jars ever.
What will you put your honey into?
After the bees have converted their collected nectar into honey, beekeepers will typically come along and harvest some of that sweet, "liquid gold".
Once extracted from the hive, there are many ways to bottle, store and package honey. Glass containers are often chosen because of the way honey looks in clear jars, the ease of filling and the re-usability of glass.
BC Bee Supply sells its jars in sets of 12 or 24, depending on the size, and we always include the lids.
We describe our glass jar sizing as follows:
Small - holds 45ml, 55ml or 110ml of honey - ideal sizes for honey samples, party favors, event planning or corporate gifts
Medium - holds 250ml, 375ml - standard sizes for everyday use, sales to friends and family or off-the-shelf retail
Large - 500ml, 750ml - large sizes for culinary use, longer term storage or display and "power" honey lovers
Each of these size categories comes with various styles, too:
Round - smooth, classy, easy-to-fill
Tall/Narrow - slender, suitable for infusions, beautiful for display
Hex-shaped - hexagon bee-themed, has a flat side suitable for labels
Availability varies seasonally. If quantity is desired, contact BC Bee Supply to place a custom order.
Click here to see BC Bee Supply's full selection of glass jars.
Other equipment to consider:
"Pails" or "Buckets" - plastic containers that are inexpensive, easy-to-fill and suitable for long-term storage.
Currently available in various sizes: 2L/3L/10L/20L which translates to approximately 3kg/4.5kg/15kg/30kg of honey.
"Tanks" - large containers that can hold honey in storage almost indefinitely - designed for easy post-extraction bottling.
Currently available in 20L/5Gal plastic tank with honey gate OR 25kg/30kg/50kg/100kg in steel with plastic honey gate.
"Brew Belt" - a flexible plasticized band that shields an electrical current.
Keep your honey from crystalizing with this heating device designed to keep a container at approximately 25 degrees C / 75 degrees F.
"Refractometer" - measure the water content of honey based on liquid samples.
Determine the moisture content of your honey by viewing the refractive index through this laboratory and field device.

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