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Class: Introduction to Beekeeping

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Intro Beekeeping

This Introduction to Beekeeping Workshop may be purchased from Event Brite or register below.

Saturday, September 18

(Please contact BC Bee Supply at 236 888 1484 if you require additional dates or would like to request a custom class.)

This 6 hour class covers the early basics of Urban Beekeeping and is suitable anyone in the "Absolute Beginner" to the Novice Beekeeper who may already have a beehive. New beekeepers love the way we help them get started in the world of bees and those with a year or two of experience really appreciate the updated information they receive and often sign up as a "refresher" on beekeeping.

Topics definitely covered:
- Reasons to keep bees
- Provincial/Civic legislation 
- Basic beekeeping terminology
- How to get bees
- Set up costs
- Housing your bees
- Hive components
- Wood vs plastic
- Second hand equipment
- Protective gear
- Smoker and tools
- Honeybees: castes, lifecycles, re-queening
- Worker, Queen and Drone bees duties
- Collecting the pollen, resin and nectar
- Importance of water
- Reproductive cycle
- Catching Swarms 
- Harvesting honey, wax and other hive products
- Bee health
- Pests & diseases

Topics which will likely be covered:
- Specialized Hive management
- Seasonal tasks
- Splitting a hive
- Requeening a hive
- Feeding your bees
- Bee stings
- Native bees & other pollinators

Topics which may also be covered:
- Beekeeping history
- Fun bee facts
- Re-locating a hive

There will be ample time to ask questions and get your answers during this course. 

You will also receive a free text book valued at $25.

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