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Hanging Wasp Trap, small

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This Hanging Wasp Trap is a durable, plastic 3-piece trap that will help protect your hives from wasps year after year. It features a one-way entrance and is ideal for baiting wasps, yellow jackets and other flying pests.

The trap is made up of three parts: the yellow base with a funnel-shaped entry point at the bottom, a clear lid with a string hole for hanging and a guard/base that mounts to the base.

This trap can be improved with the addition of bait or wasp attractant. Hang this trap in an outdoor area where the wasps are present and far enough from your beehive.

- Easy to use and easy to assemble;
- Economic: solid and reusable;
- Robust and weatherproof, offering a long life;
- Ecological - is used together with a natural attractant;
- Most effective in late Summer.

Check regularly to make sure entry is clear and bait is still effective.
Do not use attractants (cakes, syrups, etc) for honey or bumblebees.
At season's end, clean out trap and store away from sunlight until next year.

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