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Hive Top Feeder

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3 piece translucent Hive Top Feeder

Made from a smooth and seamless plastic, this popular feeder holds approximately one gallon of liquid feed and sits on top of the inner cover in the hive.

Bees will enter the feeder through the hole in the inner cover and up through the center hole of the feeder. Once through the hole, they will travel up and down the ridges and access the liquid feed from under the plastic cone.

Use with an Inner Cover (with a central hole) and a 3 1/2" Spacer.

Winter Feeding:
Simply remove the plastic cup and fill with sugar cake, fondant or loose sugar.
This feeder is easy access to fill as you don’t need to crack open the hive or disturb the cluster. 

15.5” long x 13” wide x 3” tall and only fits on 10 frame hive boxes

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